The Overview of Helical Piles

Helical Piles (also called helical anchors, screw piles, helical piers, screw posts) are used in foundation and ground-anchoring systems to shore existing structures as well as to provide secure load capacity for new construction. Helical Piles (which resemble common screws) vary in dimension and capacity in order to meet the required configurations and loading needs of a wide variety of projects.

The Advantages of Helical Piles

Helical Piles are “screwed” into the ground, sometimes using extensions to go deeper, in order to anchor to good, reliable soil conditions capable of bearing the required structural load. Helical Piles are used reliably even in thin topsoil and high water table conditions.

There are numerous advantages to Helical Pile solutions including:

  • The fastest, most flexible and environmentally-friendly deep foundation option available
  • Quiet, low-disturbance installation
  • Cost effective compared to other foundation solutions
  • Installation is fast
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Small machinery allows for access in tight quarters
  • Once installed, piles can support load for construction immediately
  • No concrete (no mess, no curing time which can delay a project)
  • Minimal disruption on the job site
  • High degree of customization to suit most job sites
  • Minimal noise / vibration during installation
  • Effective across varied soil types / groundwater conditions
  • Easy to integrate into construction schedule
  • Installation can occur year-round in most weather conditions
  • Helical pile systems are compliant with the Ontario and National building code
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