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Engineering Overview

Finding good ground requires industry experts such as trusted, geotechnical engineers and top design professionals. At Earth Anchor, we collaborate with these professionals to meet and exceed your project’s unique needs. In addition to on-site installation, together with these experts we can deliver:

  • Structural design and engineering that incorporate Helical Piles into foundation design;
  • Custom Helical Pile shop drawings and connection details;
  • Design, engineer and manufacture custom Helical Piles, connection brackets, and pile caps;
  • Letter of Conformance confirming Helical Pile torque and embedment is met as well as applicable structural elements are installed correctly;
  • 3rd party monitoring and testing; and
  • Collaboration with geotechnical engineers to assess ground conditions and provide guidance where necessary.

Design Drawings

We collaborate with the engineer of record to determine the appropriate pile size and layout for your project. Once chosen, we will collaborate with our engineer and provide stamped shop drawings outlining pile size, layout, required torque, embedment as well as type of fixed bracket or plate.

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Letter of Conformance

During Installation our certified installers will take note of pile locations, any obstructions encountered, depth of pile and applied torque. This information will be provided to the engineer and they will provide a signed and sealed certificate otherwise known as a letter of conformance attesting to the conformity of the installation of the helical piles.

Custom Fabrication

We can provide custom designed bare or galvanized helical piles, helixes, brackets, connection details to suit the specific job. All components can be drawn up, stamped and sealed by engineering to satisfy the specific project needs.


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