Certified Helical Pile Installers Serving Downtown Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario Cottage Country.

Why Choose Us


With 15 years of combined experience in the deep foundation industry our team has the knowledge needed to execute every phase of your helical pile project. Whether your project is located in downtown Toronto where access is limited or up in cottage country where space is not an issue we can aid in design, permitting through to execution of the job with final signoff.

Superior Equipment

A range of machinery and high torque drills that have been manufactured for Earth Anchor Inc. and are fully dedicated to helical pile installation. These machines allow for pile installation to reach a capacity of up to 450 KN //100 kips SLS per pile. These machines are not only small in size, with our smallest drill being able to fit through most standard door frames and gates, but also extremely adaptable to most environments.

Our Product

Our products are designed, engineered and tested to ensure a durable end product. Earth Anchor can provide design and engineered custom helical piles, helixes, brackets and caps to suite specific site conditions. Our standard piles are hot dipped galvanized to avoid corrosion ensuring long term structural integrity in various soil conditions

Built on Integrity

Our mission is to build a company that is committed to our clients, employees and industry partners. Owners are actively involved supporting all aspects of the business. We strive to be known for making promises that we keep, meeting timelines, making safety a top priority and maintaining a high standard of work. Our experienced crews are well trained and conduct themselves professionally. All projects are done using quality products, company owned equipment and latest installation techniques and technology.